I Can Show You How To Get Visitors To Your
Website In Under 30 Minutes Even If You’ve
Never Had A Single Visitor Before!

It Doesn’t Matter If You Have $5 or $50,000 In Your Marketing Budget,
You’re About To Discover How To Buy HIGH QUALITY Traffic For Your Site

Have Buyers Coming to Your Site in Minutes, Not Days, Weeks Or Months!

No black hat, grey hat or questionable loop hole techniques that will get you banned or shut down!

No need to use Google, Facebook or BING (Why use sites where the prices keep going up?)

I’ll give you multiple traffic methods so you NEVER have all your eggs in one basket (No fearing the Google slap, SEO Updates like Penguin and Panda and no being at the mercy of a review team)

Read on ...

When I was a young boy I was fascinated by kit cars. Real life working cars you built from kits with bits from existing cars (Engine, floor plan etc).

I had all the magazines, sent off for information packs from the manufacturers, hassled my Dad into taking me to the shows and I actually knew what were the best cars to build and what to use to build them. (I couldn’t even drive at this point!).

I wasn’t a computer nerd, I wasn’t even a car nerd ... I was a kit car nerd!

I knew all the steps to take to build a Ferrari Testarossa replica from a VW Beetle chassis; I knew the best parts to use when building an AC Cobra replica.

I would dream of building a Lamborghini Countach look-a-like using nothing but a spanner and a screwdriver ... things seemed so easy back then at 13 years old.

I knew all the information. I had the plans and designs for several exotic cars that I was going to build when I was older. It didn’t matter how long it would take me to build MY car, the expense or the hard work ... I was going to do it!

And I wasn’t alone, there were tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who wanted to do the same thing ... build their own kit car.

However as I got older my priorities changed and while it’s still true that building your own car can be exciting and rewarding; now I just want to buy the completed car, not a replica, but the real thing.

Nowadays I don’t want to build my car, I don’t want to do all the reading to learn how to, I don’t want the hassle and I don’t have the time to build one.

I’d rather walk into a showroom and pay for it ... let someone else do all the work, let them spend the time reading, learning and doing it.

And It’s The Same With Your Web Business

I can teach you to get free traffic; heck, free traffic should form part of your marketing mix BUT ...

Free traffic means you have to learn how to do it; spend time implementing it and keep up with all the changes in order to get visitors to your sites.

Like I said, free traffic is good BUT let’s face it ...

“Sometimes you’d rather pay for the traffic and have it come to your site in minutes, not weeks or months away.”

Listen, if you want someone else to send you their QUALIFIED TRAFFIC and you simply pay for it (at seriously low prices) then this is just for you.

I’m going to show you EXACTLY what to do to buy traffic and where to go for the best results. And if you keep reading I’ll give you a tip you can take and use now to get qualified traffic to your site.

Let me explain why buying traffic is a MUST for any serious online entrepreneur.

I’ve been selling online since 1998! And in that time I’ve invested in a LOT of traffic courses. Now some were good, others great and some, shall we say, were less than poor.


Many of the courses had one thing in common. They all taught methods that took a long time to work. You had to put in a lot of time and effort AND you were at the mercy of the many changes that came along.

Add into that the learning curve to actually understand these methods and you found that it wasn’t a learning curve but a big uphill struggle.

Now, I’m not down on free traffic. It should form part of your overall marketing mix; but why on earth would you spend weeks and months trying to get traffic to your site BEFORE you even know if it converts and they’ll actually buy your offer?


Before you spend weeks and months on free traffic why not buy traffic to your site to see if it converts THEN work on the free traffic ... it will be time well spent BECAUSE you’ll know it will pay you back.


And I’ll give you another tip in a moment.

If you have hours and hours spare then free traffic may appeal to you, but if you’re like most people you won’t have time to:

  1. Clock up hours, days and weeks of new study and learning
  2. Spend days implementing new strategies
  3. Wait weeks or months to see results

Stop Wasting Time – Just Buy The Traffic!

I do, and you can too with a budget as low as $5 or as high as $50,000 or more. In fact it’s ALWAYS better to start with a low budget.

You can take advantage of the unlimited amount of traffic available to you even if you’re a complete newbie, have limited knowledge or on a tight time schedule.

Stop wasting $47, $97 and even $197 on stupid offers that just gather dust on your hard drive. Take that next ‘out of this world’ $10 offer and use the $10 Dollars to buy traffic to your site.

If you invested $10 in traffic and got $25 back how many times would you do that?

You’d do it all day and all night for as long as possible!

There are literally THOUSANDS of places you can by traffic from on the Internet and I’m not even talking about the big three … Google, Facebook and BING.

If you want targeted ways to bring traffic to your site then I’ll give them to you; I’ve got 25 of them and ALL will get traffic to your site.

Some will take less than 10 minutes to set up, some will cost less that $5 to test AND all will bring you traffic, QUICKLY.


Why Do Some People Think Traffic Is
Hard To Get To Their Sites?

1) They focus too much on free traffic

As I said before I’m not ‘down’ on free traffic completely. It should form part of your overall marketing mix. BUT for most people it just takes too dam long, working hours on a long drawn out process that can change overnight. It takes time to learn, time to implement and time to see results.

2) Frustration

I see a lot of people get really frustrated using free traffic strategies and techniques. They’re frustrated at the time it’s taken them, frustrated at the little traffic they see and frustrated with the lack of results they see. This then leads to boredom and the “internet marketing doesn’t work” moan.

Invest your time wisely, use amounts as low as $5 and $10 to buy traffic to your site, get RESULTS FAST and see MONEY coming into your bank account instead of going out.

Traffic Tip You Can Use Now #2

I promised you another paid traffic tip you can use now ... well here it is.

Instead of doing hours and hours of keyword research and guessing which words to use in your free marketing; why not set up a PPC campaign (20 mins), run the campaign and SEE which keywords generate the clicks and sales from REAL HUMANS (not a piece of software that everyone uses)

Then create your free marketing content around the keywords that people actually click on and buy.

So, so simple – now I DARE you to go and use it

I Guarantee You Traffic To Your Site In 30 Minutes or Less
With Some Strategies And THOUSANDS OF VISITORS
In 24 Hours or Less From Others.

My point is ... you can get traffic quickly and very cheaply. You can see RESULTS, email list opt ins and sales within 24 hours.

PLUS, some of the many benefits of paid traffic are:

It’s Guaranteed

No waiting and hoping for free traffic, no begging affiliates and JV partners to mail for you, no fearing a ‘slap’ by Google

It’s Fast

I’ll show you several ways to get traffic to your site in under 30 minutes

You Can Replicate It

You see the money coming in and you keep doing it over and over. Turn $10 in $1000 and $1000 into $5000 all day and all night long.

It’s Everlasting

There are so many ways and places to buy traffic which means if it ever slows up in one area you have thousands of other places to choose from.

If You Want FAST Targeted TRAFFIC
Then This Is For You.


Unlimited Traffic Blueprints

How to find high quality Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising venues and the 9 most popular PPC services including sites outside of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook.

I use a secret weapon in my niche business and especially Soccer Coaching Info business … simple adverts in QUALITY forums. I’ll show you how to find Quality Forums that that accept ads. Niche forums are some of the best places to buy advertising because you’re not just putting your ad in front of a casual one-time visitors, but highly targeted repeat visitors. I’ll give you the EXACT email I use to contact these forums and show you my ads as well.

Solo ads are all the rage at the moment but you’ve probably discovered that only a few places are good, most are average to poor and some are simply rip offs. I’ll show you how I find untapped email Newsletter Advertising opportunities and how to take advantage of these high converting advertising opportunities. Plus you will discover the important questions you must ask before you buy this type of advertising.

Banner ads work, period and don’t let anyone tell you different. BUT, you must know the best places to buy Banner Ad spots and the IMPORTANT 4 questions you should ALWAYS as before buying.

I buy advertising on certain JV and Affiliate Partner Networks. I’ll reveal the benefits and services that come with using this method. Plus, give you my preferred list of the best networks to use.

How to secure and understand CPA and CPM Advertising opportunities and the "Top 10" list of the most popular CPA networks you should consider using. Use the wrong one and it could cost you thousands; use the right one and it could make you TENS of thousands.

Using (secret info for buyers only) Services to drive traffic. You will find out how and where to find these services. I have NEVER shared these outside my private (closed) Mastermind Group.

CO-Registration can be a dirty word unless you know what you’re doing. I’ll show you how to use Co-Registration Companies to buy Email Ads, and an important reminder that could save you tons of time and money. I’ll give you the company I use that turned a $295 investment into a return of $5102.80c

How to use Post Card advertising effectively. I’ve been selling ‘online’ since 1998 however I use offline direct mail a LOT. Each month I mail out around 20,000 pieces of mail across the globe and simple postcards provide a mammoth ROI. I’ll show the steps to take, how to start small (10 post cards at a time) and how to scale it when you see the profits come in.

I LOVE using lead generating products on and offline. They sell themselves and make the traffic flood in. In this section I’ll give you 2 ways to find Marketplaces to Sell Lead-Generating Products and 5 websites you can use to start placing ads immediately.

In the UK & Europe I run radio adverts in my markets and they deliver me a superb ROI. BIG SECRET: Radio ads will cost you a fraction of what you expect. PLUS In the USA you can get radio, TV and Print ads at MASSIVE DISCOUNTS. I’ll show you how to find and buy Offline Advertising with TV, Radio, and Print Ads. Get tips on choosing the right market location, how to place ads with related programming, and even outsource your offline advertising.

In my dog niche I have blogs that will take my simple advert for a very small amount each month, month after month. The traffic they send converts like crazy with visitors joining my list and buying the products. In this section I’ll show you how to find and use Blog Feed Ads and Blog Network Advertising. Discover several ways you can advertise on blogs, what you need to know before you use paid blog reviews, and the most popular sites where you can buy product reviews and blog entries.

Think about this ... what better way place is there to serve up an advert to your IDEAL prospects than when they are actually looking at a video about your topic! They have basically said “Yes, I’m your ideal customer”! You’ll discover how to find and buy Ads on Popular YouTube Videos and on Popular Social Media Sites with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

And SO MUCH MORE ... this is just scratching the surface.

Dozens of clickable links -- you'll discover over 175 resources, (some well known and some well kept secrets) for each of the 25 methods for buying traffic!

Listen, I Won’t Just Show You What To Do,
I’ll SHOW You WHERE To Buy Traffic

One of the things I hate about many products I’ve bought over the years is that they contain theory or just tell you what to do and never the how or where to do it!

With the Unlimited Traffic Blueprints I’m not only going to tell you the what to do (EG Buy traffic), I’m also going to show you where and how you can buy traffic.

PLUS, I’m going to do even more for you. I’ll be giving you links to over 175 places you can buy traffic AND I’m also going to teach you how to find even more places to buy traffic yourself...

This is why I call it UNLIMITED TRAFFIC.

I’m going to teach you 25 ways to buy traffic.

I’m giving you over 175 places to buy traffic (from as little as $5).

I’m going to show you how to find even more places to buy traffic from.

Let me give you an example of one of the places I buy traffic from.

In my Soccer Coaching niche I paid to have a banner placed on a website. This banner costs me $20 a month (a fixed cost) and EVERY month sends me hundreds and hundreds of visitors who join my email list, buy my products and join the membership site I run in that market.

It took me just two emails to set up and all for just $20 a month!

OK Neil, How Much Is This Fantastic Resource?

You may be thinking that for such a superb resource and step by step course I should be charging a few hundred Dollars at least?

And in reality I SHOULD be charging several hundred Dollars for it!

I’m not going to give you some story about how I’ll be releasing it at a later date for a higher amount.

Listen I’ve been selling online since 1998 and helping people just like you start, grow and profit from their own online business since December 2000 and that’s a LONG Time :-)

I know I could easily charge $297 or $497 for this traffic course and have people gladly pay it and thank me for giving them the strategies.

So why would I offer it here for a lower amount and would I be happy to do so?

Let me answer those two questions here.

If I offered this course at $297 or $497 it puts the course out of reach of many people who actually need it as their websites look like a wasteland with no visitors. And we all know that traffic to your website is the life blood of your business.

And it’s for this reason I’m not going to charge hundreds of Dollars for this course. I’m going to make your decision to invest in this course an EASY one and make it affordable for everyone.

The price for The Unlimited Traffic Blueprints is just a one off payment of $17!

Unlimited Traffic Blueprints

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Of Unlimited
Traffic Blueprints Completely Risk Free

Although I KNOW that buying traffic is hands down the fastest way for you to build your business. I know that buying traffic is really straight forward when you get into it AND you can start for as little as $5 ... at the back of your mind you may be thinking ... “is this for me” and “Can I do it?”

It actually amazes me the amount of people who’ll pay $7 for some poorly written report and throw $20 to $197 at the next great product launch which will only join the dozens of other ‘wonder products’ they’ve never read on their computer.

YET, they won’t take $5 and buy REAL QUALIFIED TRAFFIC to their website?

So, this is what I want you to do today.

Invest in The Unlimited Traffic Blueprints, go through all of the different PROVEN traffic generating methods for the next 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you or you simply can’t do it then email me anytime during those 30 days and I’ll refund every penny to you no questions asked.

I Want You To Think About This!

In this unique offer I give you 25 different ways to buy traffic and over 175 different places you can buy it from.

In this letter alone I’ve given you two traffic tips you can use now AND given you an example of paid traffic in my dog and soccer coaching markets.

If you use just ONE of the sites I share with you in this resource to generate traffic to your site this course pays for itself immediate!

I’m going to be blunt here.

There are just two ways you can go wrong with this course.

One, you’re a complete idiot (I doubt you are as you’ve read this far) and you shouldn’t really be running a business of any type, or two, you do nothing with it.

And even if you are one of the above you have a full 30 days to ask for your money back. It’s that simple. Invest in The Unlimited Traffic Blueprints, go through all of the strategies with ZERO risk to yourself and if you decide it’s not for you then simply email me for a FULL no questions asked refund and we’ll part as friends. (I even include the office telephone number and mailing address should you need them to reach me).

I can’t make it fairer than that can I?

Unlimited Traffic Blueprints

Order Now And You’ll Also
Receive The Following Bonuses

Now these bonuses aren’t unrelated low quality products just to ‘beef up’ the main product. I have sold these bonuses as separate products with the price listed below. You get them with my compliments when you invest in the Unlimited Traffic Blueprints.

Bonus #1: Unlimited Traffic Training Video.

This is live training I did to a small group on the topic of paid traffic. During this very revealing 75 minute session on traffic generation methods I’ll be showing you paid traffic tactics and techniques that you can use if you are new to the business and strategies even an experienced marketer and implement.

I give you live examples AND processes you can copy and use in your own business today. This is the IDEAL companion to the main course as I talk though what’s worked for me and show you the different places I advertise with and sites I advertise on.

Value $97

Bonus #2: How To Track & Test To Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI).

You’ve probably heard or been told to ‘test’ to increase your business. Well, most people will tell you to test but won’t tell you WHAT or HOW to test. In this easy to follow report I’ll give you the ‘what’ and ‘how’ so you can start tracking, testing and improving your results. I’ll give you the tools to use, the procedures to follow and a simple plan to execute.

Value $27

Bonus #3: How To Create The Best Adverts & Maximize Your Results.

When you start using paid traffic and testing you can then look at improving your adverts and marketing pieces. In this report I’ll give you seven proven ways to increase your results every time. Including ad templates you can use.

Value $17

Bonus #4: Your Own Personal Paid Traffic Plan And Schedule.

One thing I hear all the time from people is how do I manage my time and my business with the different tasks I do? I this report I’ll give you a 7 day weekly schedule to follow including a monthly checklist to keep you on track with your paid traffic marketing. It’s not complicated and very easy to follow once you have it in front of you. I still use it to this day.

Value $17

That’s a total real world bonus value of $158 that is yours for free when you order The Unlimited Traffic Blueprints today.

Get Instant Access Now

Yes Neil, I want the main Unlimited Traffic Blueprints Course and the four bonuses including the 75 minute traffic training video today

Unlimited Traffic Blueprints

I look forward to hearing about your success very soon.

Best wishes


Neil Stafford

P.S. I have sold this course for as much as $97 and once this special offer is over I'll return it to $97 ... and it will still be a great investment at that price!

Instead of wasting another $297 or $497+ on the next greatest product launch, invest in the Unlimited Traffic Blueprints today and use the money you save to buy traffic to YOUR site to get you SALES.

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